Broadcasting information made easier


Does Your Organization use both Yammer and ServiceNow? Service Stack Technologies Yammer Integration application integrates ServiceNow with Yammer to broadcast latest updates of ServiceNow Incident, Problem and Change on mapped Yammer Business Service group. It allows users to access required information via various available command options. With Service Stack’s Yammer Integration our experts ensure smoothening enterprise communication.



  • VALID MAPPING:The application ensures valid ServiceNow Business Service and Yammer Business Service group mapping.
  • BI-DIRECTIONAL INTEGRATION:The user can send and receive updates to and from ServiceNow Tickets (I/P/C):
    • Create tickets from Yammer groups or on behalf of another user from Yammer groups.
    • Create Yammer group conversations as tickets
    • Update tickets from Yammer groups.
    • Fetch ticket details on Yammer groups.
  • FLEXIBLE INTERACTION WITH SERVICENOW:End users can interact with ServiceNow and raise Issue even if they don’t have access to ServiceNow. (in case they forgot password or other unknown issues).
  • CONFIGURE COMMANDS YOU LIKE:Flexibility of configuring commands for SN Tickets (I/P/C) created via Yammer.
  • AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE VERSIONS:Application is supported on Kingston / London /Madrid/ New York versions.
  • QUICK INSTALLATION:Installation & configuration of this application is a one-time activity & takes less than 30 minutes.
  • TAKE ACTION FROM YAMMER:User can Follow/Unfollow, Tag/Untag ServiceNow Tickets (Incident/Problem/Change) from Yammer. Add yourself to the Watch List, Receive Updates, Broadcasting an announcement, get Priority Announcement and more directly from and on Yammer.
  • NOTIFY TICKETS TO THOSE NOT ON SERVICENOW:One can easily notify tickets to those who do not have access to ServiceNow.


Our App Integrates ServiceNow with Yammer to SEND YOU THE RIGHT UPDATES!

User can raise or report any incident,problem or change from yammer channel.

Tag yourself in the record watchlist and keep yourself updated on incident,problem,change,report.

Follow any record and get its update on the same thread.

Stop notifications by unfollow and untag instruction.

Receive major incident announcements of reported issues to align your priorities better.

Periodic consolidated digest report shared daily incase you have missed the action.

Get notified on business/aplications/technical services operational status.

Benefits of engaging with Yammer: