Case Study

Upgrade Project

March 15, 2019 7:35 am by servicestack

We now understand our system In and Out. The awareness of good and bad practices is a key to have a neat and easy to manage system Skip Newton, Solution Architect, Vestas

With the fast-growing ecosystem of ServiceNow, it has become a mandate to catch up with all the capabilities that tool is providing.

One step towards this is to have the System In the most recent family and propose new features to the Client that can help them grow in the most effective way.


Why Upgrade?

Leverage on New Features:

As the New Family was introduced, its critical for Vestas to leverage and make the most of the features provided by ServiceNow.


Analyse the System:

Supports various Modules and Solutions for their processes such as Legal, Facilities etc. build in ServiceNow, the system is highly customised to fullfill the needs

Thus, it was critical that all the Customisations are known and is kept a track of.

Having track of all the Customisations and will help in changing the current features and in any future enhancements that needs to be build


Our Goal

The fact that all the existing processes could potentially have a direct impact on users if something breaks during the Family Upgrade made it critical to get the Upgrade right.



  • 15 + Integrations
  • 10 Modules
  • 2 Hops: Jakarta Kingston London
  • Heavy Customisation

Take Away / Outcomes

  • Zero Defect Upgrade
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Use of New Features
  • Awareness on Existing Defects
  • Analysis (Understanding the System)
  • Upgrade Friendliness
  • Best Practices to Adhere