Report your issue instantly with your Twitter DM


Service Stack’s Twitter interface application seamlessly integrates ServiceNow with Twitter. The end user can quickly record an issue via Direct Messaging of Twitter helping organisations provide faster resolution of created incidents.

This communication channel is highly secured and very flexible since the user can follow incident updates on their personal twitter handles

Interaction with ServiceNow via Social media platform Twitter for raising Incidents and update their tickets

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  • Only valid twitter handles are configured, and these are real twitter accounts configured by an authorized user both in SN and Twitter.
  • User can communicate via Twitter direct messaging and can generate an Incident ticket.
  • Secured one to one communication between authorized Twitter account of end user and ServiceNow
  • Interaction with ServiceNow via Social media platform Twitter for raising Incidents and update their tickets.
  • End User’s will be able to interact with ServiceNow and raise Issue even if they are not able to access ServiceNow. (in case they forgot password or other unknown issues)
  • Reporting & resolving Incidents as they occur via Twitter.
  • Opening another Channel for End Users to interact with ServiceNow
  • Use existing ServiceNow processes, settings, permissions, tables, etc.



End-user must sign-up first. The end-user can simply sign-up with a single click in ServiceNow and it will be a one-time activity. After that the end-user can perform further activities.


There are some System Properties in ServiceNow which helps you to configure and authenticate your Organisation account and End-user account like consumer key, consumer secret, access token, access token secret.


Tickets created via Twitter will be having the contact type as Twitter. The caller field will be mapped based on who created a ticket from Twitter.

Updates/Changes on these tickets will broadcast to Twitter on the same message thread.

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