ServiceNow has launched its Quebec Version with enhanced features for developers on the ServiceNow Platform. Here is a Sneak peek into our top picks on the release. Let’s learn together and help our ServiceNow developers get a better understanding into what lies ahead of them!


1.Core Platform

a. UI Builder : Customize and personalize the Now® Experience by designing configurable workspaces and portals. Supports domain-separated environments with (WYSIWYG) design with reusable components.

b. Platform encryption : Customize and manage server-side encryption at the field level to increase platform security with better access control.

2.Now Intelligence

a. Process Optimization : Mine process flows to identify areas for improvement while tracking the business value of these advancements.

b. Virtual Agent enhancements : Use guided setup with topic recommendations while automatically resolving incidents, notifications, and password resets.

c. Natural Language Query : Ask questions and get answers in the form of lists, values, and charts with filters and searches.

d. Reporting enhancements : Tailor reporting with multiple formatting options that includes calculations and robust dynamic design.


a. Mobile enhancements : Utilize AI search, deep linking, and card actions to enrich mobile experiences with consumer grade capabilities.

b. Mobile developer tool enhancement : Easily create cards and templates through an intuitive designer. Enable admins to impersonate mobile privileges of a specific user.


a.Incident Response Playbooks: Accelerate incident resolution by automating routine steps in the resolution process. Minimize human errors and relieve service desk agents from repetitive tasks so they can focus on higher priority issues.

5.IT Operations Management

a. Predictive AIOps: Predict issues and minimize negative results by detecting anomalies before impacting the end user, while solving problems faster with intelligent recommendations.

b. Machine learning for Service Mapping: Simplify service mapping with embedded machine learning that reduces the time needed for service mapping from days to hours.

6.Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

a. CMDB and CSDM data synchronization: Populate CIs automatically with core CSDM data to improve efficiency with background processing of CSDM and CI data. Use Technical Service Offerings (a template) to automatically assign ‘Managed By’ groups across Technical Services.

b. Query builder performance improvements: Improve productivity and user experience with optimized query processing time that loads in background and allows multitasking.


a. PPM collaboration: Sync ServiceNow projects with Microsoft Teams and Slack. Leverage ServiceNow Virtual Agent for PPM to find information.

b. Scenario Planning for PPM enhancements: Simulate multiple investment scenarios to view all your work in one place. Approve the best scenario to achieve organizational objectives with enhanced visibility.

8.Security Operations

a. MITRE-ATT&CK framework support: Enable security analysts with advanced context, while security teams can prioritize and manage detection and response procedures to reduce attack surface.

b. CrowdStrike Falcon Sandbox integration: Automate the submission of file and URL observables from security incidents to CrowdStrike Falcon Sandbox with a one-click view.

9.Integrated Risk Management

a. Operational Resilience Management: Manage resilience in real-time with a dashboard to see an overview of an organization’s critical services, technology, facilities, people, and suppliers.

b. Regulatory Change Management: Gain visibility into the regulatory landscape including events, tasks, and due dates with the Regulatory Change Dashboard.

10.IT Asset Management

a. Machine learning normalization : Make sense of unrecognized software, to gain a more complete and accurate record of the software estate. Improve time-to-value by automatically identifying software using machine learning, while speeding up content services by delivering mapping rules in real time.

b. Hardware Asset refresh: Plan, execute, and refresh cycles for hardware to reduce tech debt and operating expenses.

11.Customer Service Management

a. Engagement Messenger: Extend customer self-service experience to web or mobile web. Deploy quickly with no/low code configuration to empower customers with Virtual Agent, AI Search, chat, cases, and service catalog.

b. Mobile messaging channels : Enable branded, interactive mobile experiences directly in customer messaging apps including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp (requires a Twilio contract), and LINE.

c. CSM Configurable Workspace: Configure page layouts and components in UI Builder. Provide flexible configuration to suit varied customer requirements.

d. Guided decision enhancements: Empower agents to solve complex issues faster by recommending decision trees as next best actions. Nest decision trees to improve reuse.


a. Universal Request: Deliver a unified service experience for employees across all departments. Enable agents to collaborate, transfer tickets and manage cross-departmental SLAs in a single place.

b. Mobile Agent for HR Service Delivery: esolve employee cases faster and from anywhere, with a tap, swipe, or a click.

c. Employee relations dashboard: Get a comprehensive view of employee relations cases from one place. Track the effectiveness of how ER cases perform against SLAs.

13.App Engine

a. Developer enhancements: Source control support for ServiceNow Store and ServiceNow app customizations. The script tracer provides easier script debugging.

b. Flow Designer enhancements: Provide UX improvements to further elevate the citizen developer experience. Includes enhancements to out-of-the-box flow actions with support for variable sets and record producers.

14.Instance Scan

The ServiceNow® Instance Scan engine is used to interrogate your instance for configurations that indicate health issues and identify opportunities to address best practices. Instance Scan is a new application in the Quebec release. Scans your instance, update set, scoped application or specific record using specified checks Runs custom checks against your existing configurations.