ServiceNow has launched its Orlando Version with enhanced features for developers on the ServiceNow Platform.
We are excited to share our understanding of the new features, enhancements, and APIs from the Orlando Release. Here is a Sneak peek into our top picks on the release. Let’s learn together and help our ServiceNow developers get a better understanding into what lies ahead of them! Whether we are building applications for the ServiceNow Store or OEM, as Technology partners we all want to be well aware of all the top features. We are always on the lookout for the best in the latest. Hence, we are penning down our major highlights from the Orlando Release. We hope this helps our fellow developers!


1. Advanced Work Assignment – With the new Orlando features, improve time & precision to assign work items.
  • Advanced Work Assignment dashboard for operations
    Use the AWA operations dashboard to get real-time visibility into key metrics so that your agents can effectively support customer needs.
  • Agent Affinity
    Agent Affinity assigns work items that are based on an agent’s history with a customer, whether an agent has fulfilled past assignments for a similar task, and if the agent’s account team has fulfilled past assignments.
  • Work item sizing
    Define work item sizing for a service channel. The assignment algorithm uses work item sizing to determine if an agent has the capacity to handle the assignment.

2. Agent Workspace – Now easily customize landing page, logo, colour theme, with improved form features.
  1. Customize Agent Workspace
    • Build a custom landing page
    • Adding custom components
    • Customize the logo
    • Change the colors of Agent Workspace
  2. New form features
    • Secondary values in form headers can be conditional
    • Improved Form section navigation
    • Hide Details and UI actions
    • Form annotations supported
    • More field types are supported in modals
  3. New list features
    • Agent Workspace supports column filtering with choice type fields
    • Add records to a related list
    • Highlight list fields
    • Large lists of records display faster

3. Automated Test Framework – With the introduction of new test steps, you can now automate more & more of user scenarios.
  • Copy an automated test suite
  • Custom UI test steps
  • List and Related List
  • Validate Related List Visibility
  • Apply Filter to List
  • Validate Record Present in List
  • Open a Record in List
  • Validate List UI Action Visibility
  • Click a List UI Action
  • Email category
  • Validate Outbound Email
  • Validate Outbound Email Generated by Flow
  • Validate Outbound Email Generated by Notification
  • Generate Inbound Email
  • Generate Inbound Reply Email
  • Generate Random String

4. Configuration Management Database (CMDB) – Introduction of Agent Workspace for CMDB – View the CIs from over 100 common CMDB tables using the pre-defined CMDB Workspace form view.

5. Flow Designer
  • Cancel a flow, sub flow, or action from a script
  • Create a flow with an SLA Task trigger
  • Design an action with dynamic outputs
  • Manage natural language titles
  • Manage SLA Percentage Timer actions
  • Run a flow or sub flow dynamically
  • Test a flow by changing field values
  • Transform data pill values with transform functions
  • Trigger a flow every time a record updates

6. Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • Virtual Agent support for risk events
  • Virtual Agent support for policy exception

7. Import and Export

Robust Import Set Transformers – Use robust import set transformers instead of transform maps if you want to extract, transform, and load data to one or more target tables. Use ETL definitions to map source table columns to target table columns and to define operations and processing instructions.

8. Platform Security – Monitor antivirus metrics to track antivirus activities, and view and manage user login sessions.
  • Monitor antivirus metrics
  • Manage user login sessions

9. Service Portal – Resolve portal issues directly from a portal page
  • Widget diagnostics
  • Dynamic Translation in Service Portal forms

10. Virtual Agent – With these new Orlando features, you’ll can now integrate with Microsoft LUIS & IBM Watson.
  • Multiple chat branding configurations in a single instance
  • Notifications in Virtual Agent
  • Integration with Microsoft LUIS (Language Understanding)
  • IBM Watson Assistant Chat integration for Assistant V2 API

11. Common Service Data Model Framework

12. Mobile – Use themes and custom branding to give your customers and employees mobile applications with your unique company identity.
  • Create a contextual link to virtual agent
  • Hide empty UI Sections
  • Mobile application management integration
  • Mobile branding
  • Configure an input for multiple scans
  • Dashboards for mobile
  • Mobile photo search
  • Mobile analytics

13. System Clone
  • Clone profile
  • Preserve update sets
  • Warning for large table preservation

14. Integration Hub
  • Client Software Distribution using Integration Hub
  • Data Stream action support in Flow API, Dynamic outputs
  • REST support in import sets, Password reset Usage Overview dashboard
  • MID Server support for Data Stream actions
  • Spoke configuration templates

15. Studio
  • Edit source control integration files outside of Studio
  • Set or remove log points
  • MID Server support for source control
  • Move application files in a GIT repository
  • Commit changes

16. Scheduled Jobs – Control the time zone in which a scheduled job should run for a non-report entity or a script. 
  • Scheduled job time zone selection