SecOpsServiceNow’s Security Operations service is a security orchestration, automation, and response engine that helps to Identify, prioritize and respond to threats faster. As you grow and as your needs change, ServiceNow’s SecOps will group your key applications into scalable packages.

ServiceNow helps to streamline your security response. With ServiceNow’s SecOps application replace manual tasks with automated security orchestration. ServiceNow SecOps seamlessly integrates with a number security tools, like Tenable, okta, Crowdstrike, Forescout, IBM, Paloalto, Tanium etc.

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* Customers choose either Vulnerability Response OR Security Incident Response with Trusted Security Circles (limited queries).


Service Stack Technologies has a strong process knowledge relating to possible Security Threats and Vulnerabilities. We have a set of certified resources with a strong platform knowledge & we follow complete adherence to industry best practices. We get actionable information about high risk areas, noncompliance, vendor status, and audit findings.


  • Certified Resources
  • Multiple Sec Ops implementations for different industries
  • Other turnkey solutions around Sec Ops
  • Respond more quickly and effectively
  • Connect security and IT seamlessly
  • Help you with your organizations security posture

Service Stack can engage with you for SecOps Services in various models:

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