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Each employee embarks on a unique journey when she joins an organization. Employee journeys will have twists, turns, detours, and maybe even a few bumps, but they will all be full of moments that matter. These moments combine to define the employee experience for your organization. When it comes to services and support, employees have critical needs at all times of day. Professionals who travel frequently need supporting travel services. Remote employees need new laptops, phones, and tablets, as well as support for these devices. Companies need to provide VPN and file storage systems, in addition to smart badges that have to be provisioned and maintained. In secure and regulatory environments, employees must clock in, maintain certifications, and stay current on process changes all the time.

Our HRSD Expertise help Organisations to

  • Build and manage different employee transitions and journeys
  • Track the progress of all employees interactions
  • Help service-delivery systems will be intelligent, predictive, and even provide “nudges” to help employees remember what to do at various times.
  • Track and manage performance Analytics
  • Make Experience intelligent, workflow-based, context-sensitive, and accessible from employee’s device of choice.

In the world of enterprise software, it’s unusual for a new category to emerge. But with the expansion of corporate technology, the need for employees to be more productive, and our expectations for consumer-like experiences, the employee experience platform market and vendors like ServiceNow are here to stay. Regardless of your current infrastructure plans, we believe almost every company needs to consider an employee experience platform in their HR and IT systems strategies. And ServiceStack with its deep experience in HRSD business processes along with technical skills is the right choice for organisations embarking upon transforming employee engagement across the entire spectrum of employee lifecycle.

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