Digitization is the automation of existing manual and paper-based processes, enabled by the digitization of information; from an analog to a digital format. At ServiceStack, we expertise in Process Digitization where in any process from a variety of departments are migrated from Manual to Digital processes using ServiceNow By integrating the business processes, electronic workflows are implemented which helps eliminate transcripting errors and improve accessibility to information The Digitization of processes also helps in Enhancing the Security, only certain users can access the documents and workflows can be set up along with permission groups for an individual, which enhances the security and maintains the confidentiality of the document. This helps improve the efficiency of core business process. For instance, With Trade Settlement Engine Digitization, we helped a large banking organization manage their trade settlements by coordinating with the Back and Front offices with zero total transparency between required groups The aPaaS capabilities of the ServiceNow platform are often overlooked. The power of the no-code/low-code application development capabilities should be leveraged to reduce the number of independent tools and the associated integration complexity. ServiceNow plays an essential role in the ecosystem of solutions supporting digitized business processes. Here are some recommendations related to the technology:

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