The need, speed, and size of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout has been unprecedented, requiring a seamless mechanism to manage the vaccine delivery in a compressed timeframe.

Our client was one of India’s largest BFSI company and they wanted to roll out a vaccination drive for all of its employees and their dependents.By implementing ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management we could provide end-to-end control and visibility across all vaccine management stakeholders and speed up immunizations.

From delivering a self-service experience to register and manage appointment for both employees and their dependents, Rescheduling or Cancellation of the vaccine option was offered. Walkin appointments were addressed, and appointment confirmation/cancellation/rescheduling communication was shared on the email. Automating second-dose logistics, notify, and remind users, scheduling appointments based on inventory on hand and enabling clinicians to record immunizations on mobile devices all were covered in this implementation.


Our client wanted to provide their employees a seamless experience to get their and their dependent’s vaccination appointments scheduled.

and managed by a portal that is used by the clinicians to verify their data, monitor any adverse effects and upload their consent on a real time basis.


  • End to End set up for the entire ServiceNow VAM module for the client in a record breaking turn around of 10 days
  • Centralized and uniform vaccination scheduling platform for employees and their dependents which was a custom built requirement to let primary employees add their dependents for scheduling vaccinations
  • Setting up a functionality to easily collate, align and record the first dosage data for the employees and their dependents which was administered elsewhere to accurately track and capture their first dosage data and schedule the second dosage accordingly.
  • Providing User Friendly Clinician Portal to the clinicians for an easy administration of the vaccination drive via both desktop and mobile devices
  • Walk-in appointments and phone based appointments were provided for the employees and their dependents
  • Bulk Booking feature was additionally provided for the employees and their dependents
  • Additional feature of seamless communication with Co-WIN to fetch the details of the first dosage administered to the employees or their dependents and schedule the second dosage accordingly
  • Reduction in the manual process to retrieve certificates for the doses administered
  • Safe/secure mechanism allowing only employees to be able to register into the Vaccine Administration Management app
  • Appointment Confirmation/cancellation/rescheduling communication was shared on the email

User Portal

Manage Employee

View & Manage Dependants Appointments

Rescheduling Appointments

Fetching Vaccination Certificates for employees and dependants


Search & View all Appointments

Vaccination Status


Service Stack Technologies team implemented Vaccine Administration Management within very tight timelines. They helped us plan and execute this workflow challenge with ease. Their knowledge and expertise reflected in the seamless implementation of the module.

Project Manager, India’s Largest BFSI Company