Our client, a Global Sustainable Energy Giant underwent an implementation of multiple ServiceNow modules, various business flows and approx. 20 different integrations using the ServiceNow platform since 2016.

As you grow on the ServiceNow platform over the years by onboarding multiple modules offered by ServiceNow/ business workflows/ multiple integrations the inevitable layers of complexity keep adding to your organization. This brings a very important question, “Are you ensuring that your platform is fit and in the pink of its health?”.

As you continue your journey towards moving to cloud and chose the right platform which is ServiceNow, topics like manageability, performance, user experience, upgradability and security takes the centre stage. If you do not ensure the best practices among those parameters which are listed above, it will result in derailing your progress towards a sound and scalable platform!

For any successful cloud journey having a sound platform lies in the heart of any program and it must be taken care of for years to come.



SST as a partner helped them onboard new workflows in record breaking time. There were close to 60 plus different workflows that have been put into practice. To name a few:

  • Service Stack Technologies brought in a detailed plan towards addressing all the above factors in a timely fashion
  • We ran a detailed scan of the ServiceNow instance using Service Stack Technologies’ proprietary solution;
    Code Works and listed out all the pain points and the solutions
  • Hundreds of parameters were fixed as the part of the health upgrade exercise in 2 phases starting with security, performance & user experience
  • Detailed Solutions templates were created to mitigate all the pain points among different parameters like:
  • (i) Server-side code should not use GlideRecord.getRowCount() to count records

    (ii) Client-side code should not use DOM manipulation technique

  • We ran check against 170 rules across various parameters
  • We helped in reducing the technical debt by highlighting malpractices in ServiceNow scripting
  • We suggested the customer to use Code Works for their daily compliance needs and ensuring the health of the instance is always maintained


  • All the parameters like manageability, user experience, performance, upgradeability, security & best practices were improved across the platform
  • Security stance of the instance was improved drastically from 70% to 90%+
  • Users appreciated the smoothness and increased responsiveness from the ServiceNow instance
  • Improved User Experience was also appreciated instead of customization-based approach
  • Management of the instance got much better and more configuration-based design approach was taken instead of development based approach for day to day operations.
  • Overall health of the instance has gone up from 79% to 85%+ . Target has to be 90%+
  • Health upgrade exercise resulted in greater confidence in ServiceNow platform and made it a perfect fit for onboarding more business workflows as scalability score improved for ServiceNow platform within the organization, ultimately resulting in reduced digital clutter.

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