Service Stack Technologies conducted the implementation and configuration of Service Now CMDB architecture and service mapping of critical business services to replace a manually maintained CMDB for a global health and nutrition corporation in a span of 20 weeks.

The project resulted in improved CMDB usability and visibility of physical and virtual configuration items related to critical business services. CMDB blueprint designed by Service Stack also helped the customer draw a clear roadmap to align their CMDB as per the best practices proposed by Service Now.


  • The customer had manually populated their CMDB with untrusted, outdated and inaccurate data.
  • The tedious, time-consuming task to enter and/or update the relationships between Hardware infrastructure and Applications/ Services was prone to errors and made event, alert and incident management for any business service very difficult to resolve.
  • There was no proper phase wise layering maintained by the customer of their IT landscape from Business to Technology Layer which lead us to work from scratch.
  • Customer had their own set of IT security related concerns which lead to delays in getting the required level of execute permissions mainly during the service mapping of network layer elements.
  • OOTB patterns available in Service Now was not catering to few of the technologies used by customer and required some amount of tailoring for few of the business services.

Below diagrammatic representation gives a bird-eye view of evolution of Service Mapping process on customer’s infrastructure.


  • Conducted workshops to provide guidance on foundational CMDB configuration and concepts.
  • Conducted in-depth analysis of the entire IT infrastructure model that customer manages to date.
  • Created and Presented the best fitting CMDB blueprint to customer for review.
  • Created a draft CMDB model for customer for one of their critical business services.
  • Conducted Workshops to provide guidance on how Service Mapping works and how it can fit with Customer’s CMDB architecture in the best way.
  • Worked with customer to send out questionnaire emails and mine data repositories for necessary information to complete service mapping. CMDB details were captured in well-defined design templates for reference.
  • Completed Service Maps for 16 critical business services based on entry points and connections defined in the CMDB, questionnaire emails, and mined from other data repositories.
  • Service map completion took an estimate of 20 weeks in 2 sprints.
  • Validated each Service Map with the SME’s to ensure every dependency was captured accurately.
  • Requested and captured sign-off from required stakeholders to ensure a complete electronic trail for future reference and continued use of each business service map.



  • Customer got greater visibility into their IT Services and can pinpoint underlying causes of issues and reliably evaluating business and services impacts of planned infrastructure changes.
  • Customer got a clearer picture of what Business Services each of the servers in their production data centre is supporting.
  • Improved the Operational user experience by introducing some key cosmetic changes related to CMDB elements in the incident and change forms.
  • Almost zero manual intervention is required in mapping efforts leading to saving of time and money.
  • Ability to cut through the noise and determine root cause of outages by leveraging service.
  • Ability to bridge technology domains and accelerate root cause identification during times of outages.