Our client was a Global Auto Giant, where we worked with their Research, IT and product development team. They were looking to digitize their various workflows and were keen on working with partners who could help them understand and implement the ServiceNow platform seamlessly. The Auto giant was keen on ServiceNow to build their application because of it’s UI/UX capabilities and Up-Time availability. Earlier they were managing their workflows on Excel and Emails, a common problem with organizations being dependent on traditional tools like excel and emails for workflow management, increasing room for errors and loosing track of the updates via email.

These pain points brought our client to the discussion table and the need to address the pitfalls of not having a digitized outlook toward managing workflows. Hence, for all valid reasons they selected ServiceNow as their go to platform.

The critical selection criteria for selecting ServiceNow was:low code or no code platform, Up-Time of the platform, UI UX capabilities, secure SAAS platform and obviously a Market Leader.

As per a survey done by McKinsey of the business leaders in 2018, small & large enterprises poured $1.3 trillion into digital transformation efforts. Roughly $900 billion of that went to projects that failed. Forward-thinking businesses are speeding up their digital transformation journeys. Through workflow digitization, they are achieving operational efficiency and faster speed to market, innovating in products and services, attracting new customers, and engaging the best talent.

According to Forrester’s Q1 2018 Digital Process Automation Survey, 32% of business and technology decision makers say that accelerating digital business transformation is their top driver for their process improvement initiatives.


Inefficient Tracking System: With workflow dependency on e-mails, there was a problem of losing track of issues/incidents.

Longer Turnaround time (TAT): The mean time to address problems were longer due to dependency on emails and excel.

Zero Standardization: There was no standardized process of addressing a problem that use to leave the requester (clueless) and result in an unpleasant user experience.


SST as a partner helped them onboard new workflows in record breaking time. There were close to 60 plus different workflows that have been put into practice. To name a few:



We were looking for the right partner to help us with digitizing our workflows using ServiceNow platform. Service Stack Technologies helped us with a smooth digital transformation of our business-critical workflows and removing dependency on legacy tools like excel and email which lacked standardization and control. We recommend Service Stack Technologies as a Go-To partner for your entire Digital Transformation journey!

IT Manager, Global Auto Giant