Since 2010, one of our customer has been helping organisations streamline their HR services and achieve their vision of an efficient and trusted Human Resource function.

Operating through a centralised setup, they have grown from being an in-house HR Expertise Centre into an HR Outsourcing organisation. With an ever growing Expertise Centre and Partner network that caters to various HR functions across industries and geographies, our client is now a trusted partner of several clients.

Managing HR process and related documentation with a siloed and manual process is time consuming and inefficient. In order to deal with this, they needed to build a Next-Gen HR-Shared Services experience on ServiceNow platform using Customer Service Management offering.


Service Stack Technologies started the interaction with the customer about how they managed the current HR process within their enterprise, below business challenges stood out from the customer end:

  • No defined process to capture CSAT & NPS on HR Services offered to various clients across the globe Lacking UI/UX & End-user Experience for the consumers of HR Services
  • Manual and inefficient (email based) HR queries handling
  • No Automation of complex HR Business Processes & maker-checker process missing
  • No Document Automation for handling basic letter requests
  • Scope to add new HR Service Offerings
  • Limited Visibility Internally and Externally to the users
  • High MTTR for HR queries
  • High Operating Cost
  • Document Management was earlier done on a shared drive with very little efficiency. This also involved some cost as the data was in huge sizes (TBs).
  • Migrating from older system to ServiceNow without losing data
  • Collecting payroll information from various countries in different Excel templates was becoming difficult.
  • Overhead of manual data Management of customers and contacts in different systems.


We tried to keep our implementation as close to OOTB as possible and used REST based APIs to integrate with various systems.

  • Document Management
  • – As a part of this solution, we created custom utilities using various technologies to upload existing documents from a shared drive into ServiceNow’s managed documents.

    – All common documents and employee specific documents have been loaded into the Managed documents module of ServiceNow.

  • Letter Management
  • – PDF automation – Automated the process to filling PDF template like ‘Offer letter’ are auto filled and electronically signed through the bespoke letter management functionality.

    – HR letter templates are also made available in the CSM portal. This gave a better UI/UX experience to the consumer of the functionality.

  • Payroll Data Management
  • – Automated the entire payroll data processing workflow for various customers of our client.

    -Payroll Input templates were downloadable for HR admins of our clients customers from the CSM Portal and a bespoke functionality was developed to help in the validation process while uploading the payroll templates.

  • HR Process Workflow
  • – 2 Process workflows were created as a part of the customer HR process flow – HR Case Workflow & Payroll Case Workflow

    – HR Case workflow covers the case management flow for HR queries including the maker/checker process for review and approval

    – Payroll Case Workflow covers the payroll process to be followed by organization to fulfil its customer payroll cases

  • Reports, Dashboards & Virtual Agents
  • – Implemented Performance analytics to track and improve the performance of the agents.

    – Virtual Agent was implemented on the CSM Portal to help the customers with FAQs & reduce case volume proactively.

  • Data Migration
  • – As customer was using the Incident module prior to this implementation for managing HR cases, we had to migrate the customer data from the Incident table to the Case table including Work Notes, email logs and attachment information

  • Integrations with various systems
  • – To sync the customer & contact data from source systems such as Workday and SuccessFactors to Service Now.


  • Reduced the customer service costs.
  • Simplified work for the agents.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Improved customer retention and the resulting increase in revenue.
  • New support agreements resulting in revenue gain.
  • Seamless process automation saving many person hours.


  • Improved productivity of the HR case agents by simplifying their tasks. Improved quality of service delivered to the customer
  • Increased self-service opportunities for the customer, reducing their interaction with the agents via Chatbots, Service Catalogs and Knowledge Articles.
  • Gamification of agent’s productivity.
  • Analysing the trend of HR Cases logged.
  • No data loss from the previous implementation.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and NPS.


Service Stack Technologies has been consistently delivering great quality workwithin stringent timelines. They functioned as a part of our team, gave us innovative and creative solutions and the right answers to our problems.They helped Improve our service quality and employee experience. Their approach of thinking out-of-the-box brings on the table the best possible solutions. They are the right digital transformation partners to solve all your business problems.

Global Head, Multinational HR Shared Services Company