AUTOMATED TESTED FRAMEWORKTesting has often been considered an elephant in the room for meeting both quality and timeline checks for products or services.

ServiceNow ATF leaves no room for human error when it comes to testing a module after modification and during Upgrades. For many customers who choose manual testing during an Upgrade, more than 25% of the time is eaten up by testing, approximating it to “MORE THAN 13 WEEKS!”

ATF automates 40-60% of test scenarios. ATF allows us to accelerate applications into production due to reduced test time. You can test forms by creating tests that mimic user actions with no scripting, like opening a form, setting and validating field values, or submitting a form.

ATF can also take input variables and return output variables that you define when you set up custom steps. The framework provides batch, hierarchical and nested suites testing, and allows for fully automated tracking of all testing, which removes test data and eliminates the need to roll back changes.

Clients who opt in for ATF with Service Stack Technologies have:

Service Stack Technologies helps design Automated Test Framework for:

  • Functional Business Logic Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Browser Compatibility Testing
  • Server Side Testing

Benefits of engaging with Service Stack Technologies:


ATF can provide coverage for most manual test cases, reducing ServiceNow upgrade cycles and accelerating time to production. Regression testing can be run by a single system administrator without specific business process expertise. Reusable Test Templates can also be created to expedite development of commonly performed testing patterns.


ATF is designed for both technical and non-technical users.


ATF provides the ability to create reusable testing plans to reduce manual efforts.

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