Organise,Track and Maintain your assets


Service Stack’s Asset Management (AMOM) helps you manage all your inventory related deliverables with a simple touch on the portal and phone. It is an Application that monitors and maintains all assets within the organization. It helps you to manage your assets easily by scanning the bar-codes using your mobile device or by a bar-code reader or even with your laptop camera.

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  • Asset Manager can receive asset by scanning a QR code and filling the necessary information.
  • Asset Manager can Update Asset information like Move to Stockroom, Change the Stockroom, Assign to User, etc. by just scanning a QR code.
  • End User can raise a ticket (Incident/Problem/Change) by scanning QR Code.
  • Asset Manager can Retire an Asset.
  • Asset Manager can also create new Model and Model Categories if not already present.
  • Asset Manager can also generate Multiple QR Codes.



Get a holistic view of all your company assets which are in use, in stock, missing or consumed.

You can view all your assets belonging to all asset classes under one roof, saving time and enhancing asset health. Get an overview of the real time status of your assets.


Generate QR code for all your existing assets in the organisation. Save time and track your existing assets smartly.


Receive assets easily by scanning the bar code or QR code of any asset. There is Flexibility to choose the asset type on the fly. This is a faster and smarter way to map and store all your asset related data fields.

You can receive multiple assets by smoother scanning technique and scan all your multiple assets and save them all in one go. Custom mapping for all your asset types as per your organizations needs. Update your assets by a simple scan of the bar code or the QR code


A consolidated dashboard that provides transparent view of IT related issues related to assets. It is an interactive dashboard where one can change the asset and see the related Incident, Problem and Change respectively.


Consume an asset directly from the list. Save time and reduce the no of clicks ensuring that your Asset Manager can take all action from a single list view.

You can either add a completely new consumable or an existing consumable to its originally tagged owner as well as the stockroom by simply selecting the quantity option.


The Alert Calendar is an excellent way to track the status of all your assets in real time.

You can view the Warranty Expiring, Insurances Expiring, Maintenance Due etc in one single look.


Scan your asset and directly raise an Incident, Problem or Change with ease. This helps in easily identifying the CI or asset & taking the necessary actions well in time. It also helps in reducing the time required to identify an asset.

How does AMOM make you smarter in real-time?

  • Greater visibility into Stockrooms
  • Check asset health in real-time and streamline global operations
  • Seamless integration with Service Management
  • Beautiful dashboards to keep you updated
  • Just-in-time access to assets
  • Built on Assets Management platform of ServiceNow